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Nicky and Leighanne from Central FM and Race for Life.

Nicky from the breakfast show and Leighanne from the news team on Central Fm are going to be running the Race for Life 5k in Falkirk on Sunday 22nd May and also Stirling on Sunday 29th May.

Race for life is a UK's largest woman-only fundraising event, with all proceeds going to help with finding new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Nicky and Leighanne have both taken part in these great events before but to give them that extra helping hand Phoenix have offered to train them in preparation for the big days so they can run the best run they can and raise as much money or Race for Life as possible.

To sponser Nicky and Leighanne click on the link below.


Over the next few weeks we will be keeping an online diary of how the girls are getting on.

Saturday 5th March

We met the girls in the gym for the first time today. Ran through a full lifestyle and fitness evaluation to see what shape Nicky and Leighanne are in just now. We then discussed what their goals andobjectives are over the next 11 weeks in the build up to Race for Life. After this we did some light training on the treadmill so i had an idea what their actual physical fitness was like. Both girls showed a great keennessand enthusiasm, they are going to do well.

Between sessions i have give them an example eating plan to help with their dietary intake and also an 11 week exercise plan so they know what training they will be doing every week.

Saturday 19th March

Nicky and Leighanne on reclined bike Leighanne and Nicky kettlebell training

First full personal training session, they bothworkedso hard. In this session they completed four 0.5k runs on the treadmill with resistanceandcore training in between. It is essential we get their legs and core working in preparation for the runs so they don't tire before the finish line.

Neither had done this type of training before, which will help them get great results even if they were a little achy the following day. Good work girls.

Saturday 2nd April

Outdoors pounding the streets. We had intended running 3.5k today andended up completing just over 4k, amazing, so pleased withthem both. We worked a bit on Leighannes stride and breathing patterns and she is now running a lot more confidently. By the time the Race for Life comes they will be ready for it and then some.

Pounding the streets Pounding the streets

After our run well headed back into the gym to do some squats, dead lift, core and, as the girls called it, bingo wing exercises. Keep up the good work.

Saturday 16th April

Nicky and Leighanne Swissball Nicky and Leighanne Powerplate

We stayed in the gym today for tough cross train day to focus on Nicky andLeighanne's general allround fitness and to develop their conditioning andcore strength a bit more. Leighannehada little niggle in her knee as well which we didn't want to aggravate with the impact of running so this actually worked out quite well. 

Nicky and Leighanne are increasing their running distance week on week now, thier fitness is coming on and there is a noticeable difference in their body shape. You will be new women by race day.

Saturday 30th April

We ran almost the full FalkirkRace For Life route around Callendar Park today as a preparation run, not far off 5k. The girls did amazing! After they got passed the first 2k, which was all uphill, they were flying.

Their fitness level has come on leaps and bounds since they started training. We are hoping they will be able to take a couple of minutes or more off their best time from last year.  I see and they feel a huge difference in themselves. One more distance training run to go before the first of the two races in Falkirk on the 22nd May.

Callendar Park run

Saturday 21st May

Finalassessment day! Not only have the girls been training hard with the running program I set them but they have also been taking my suggested adjustments to their diet. Although our big goal is to decrease their 5k time the set last year, i would expect a few other health benefits al well. We reviewed the assessment we did 11 weeks ago and I can happily report that they have both lost weight, inches and decreased their resting heart rate on top of increasing their fitness level significantly. All round, very pleased as are Nicky and Leighanne.

Sunday 22nd May

Falkirk Race For Life.Last year the girls ran Falkirk 5k in 48 minutes. This year after only 11 weeks training.........34 minutes for Nicky and 37 minutes for Leighanne. Amazing improvement!!!

Sunday 29th May

Stirling Race For Life. Great times last week. We spoke about what time they could do today and if they could run this one faster again. For both Nicky and Leighanne I thought they could take another 2-3 minutes of their time if they pushed. Unfortunately they didn't take 2-3 minutes off.....they took 6 minutes off, running 28 minutes and 31 minutes. Just superb girls, great effort and great times.

 NIcky and Leighanne at the start of Stirling NIcky and Leighanne finished

Well done Nicky and Leighanne. 10k in September?