Sports Massage Therapy- Livingston.Sports Massage Therapy

Massage generally comes in two forms: holistic and sports. Phoenix offer both types but we specialize in Sports Massage Therapy (SMT). Holistic massage is light and relaxation based while Sports Massage Therapy (SMT) is a more specialised type that involves the manipulation and the stretching of muscles and connective tissue.

How is this any different? Well, top athletes swear by it. It is a proven way to help muscles repair and prevent injury. This in turn aids muscular recovery after exercise and improves circulation. And it is not just professional sportsmen and women who can benefit from regular sessions

SMT can also help those who participate in regular fitness training. It can shorten the recovery process, allowing you to exercise more efficiently and more often. SMT has also been shown to lessen the likelihood of injury, so your progress can continue with less chance of interruption.

If you have more general aches and pains, or muscular problems, SMT can benefit you. A few sessions, and these issues will begin to ease away. And you may find that your alertness and ability to concentrate has increased. SMT has been shown to have this effect.


Sports massage is only available at Synergy Group Fitness, Livingston.

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